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Asbestos in Canadian Homes built before 1986

Asbestos was used in many construction products until late 1985. Asbestos fibers may become a risk during any type of home renovation or construction activity. The Ontario Ministry of Labour, Ontario Regulation 278-05 governs the asbestos abatement conditions that regulate asbestos testing, removal, and management.

Asbestos-containing materials may be found in:

  • Stipple ceilings
  • Plaster or mud joint compound
  • Cementitious parging – cement or plaster of Paris
  • Stucco, caulking, pebble-textured exterior finish
  • Pipe wrap, insulation, thermal paper
  • Roof bitumen and fire proofing
  • Adhesives, glues, mastics
  • Floor and ceiling tiles
  • Old boilers, water tanks, and radiators

For a more complete list of materials that may contain asbestos, please refer to this page.

The homeowner or building manager is responsible to determine what designated substances are in their home prior to construction or renovation for risks of exposure to workers and family.

Commercial buildings, rentals, and retail businesses must have testing and an asbestos management plan to comply with the government’s asbestos regulations.

Three common older home designated substances:

  • Lead paint and solder, piping, and switches
  • Asbestos in construction materials
  • Silica in plaster, wall board, cement, parging, and grout

Before you renovate, demolish, sell, our purchase a house, call IAQ Canada for a hazardous substance inspection!

Protect yourself – identify, defend, then decontaminate!

Designated Substance Surveys

IAQ Canada can perform all your pre-purchase or pre-renovation demolition needs including full Designated Substance Surveys for rooms or the entire building.

Lead, asbestos, silica, mercury, or PCB assessments before you start your construction projects. Our inspector, Shawn Rankin, has 35 years of construction management experience and has been awarded the CMHC “Healthy Home Builder” and “Healthy Home Renovator” in 1999.

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Would recommend. Easy to reach and communicated well. Prompt for our appointment. Really well informed and experienced staff. Our inspector was on time and honest with our options and possible solutions. Made us informed so we could move forward with putting into place a solution that worked for us.

Prompt, courteous and helpful. From the get-go, Shawn was interested in knowing the purpose of the visit in order to identify the root cause. He offered actionable tips to address air quality and moisture issues, and didn't recommend or upsell any additional services (e.g. in fact, clarified that there actually wasn't a need to get the asbestos and mould sampling I thought was required!). I would certainly turn to Indoor Air Quality Ottawa again if or when needed.

Dan in Gloucester
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Shawn is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I had contacted other companies in the past who were more focused on charging for unnecessary air samples and services. I highly recommend to contact IAQ if you have any concerns about your home air quality and want an honest expert opinion.

An Honest Professional
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We are very happy to now know what things are affecting our allergies and asthma in our home as well as knowing the ways we can reduce the issues. We were also shown how to better heat (and cool) our home more evenly and found out that our furnace was on its last legs.

POGrady in Kanata
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Shawn was extremely knowledgeable. Really really knows what he’s talking abt. Took lots of time with us to explain things. Took extra time to look at our air exchanger told us why it wasn’t working and made sure we understood how to work it. Had reliable contacts we could use to do repairs. I would very highly recommend this company.

Tish and Marc
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Shawn was very helpful and professional in dealing with humidity and mold in our home. He takes the time to see and address the entire home system, rather than just put a bandaid on a single problem. We are very pleased at this logical and big picture approach, his expertise, and the solutions that he has recommended. It is not worth it to live in a home with air quality problems, whether it be mold, Carbon Monoxide, asbestos, or VOCs, and Shawn is your man to help address these problems!

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It easy to see why so many people rate Indoor Air Quality Ottawa a 10/10.They are a well run and thoughtful business that provide excellent customer service. The booking process is easy and your appointment is confirmed by a follow up email as a reminder. Mr Shawn Rankin provided an Indoor Air quality inspection for my wife and I to alleviate our concerns that we might have some mold in the basement. My wife and I are grateful to Shawn and Indoor Air Quality Ottawa team for assisting us.

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